We All Deserve a Blissful, Abundant Life that’s Full of Ease and Flow.


Yes, Even You.

Hi, I’m Louise Bliss, intuitive success coach and money mindset mentor. I help driven, ambitious women bloom and thrive, guiding them to harness their personal power and manifest the life they dream of.

A few years ago, I was at rock bottom, completely broke and deeply frustrated. I felt stuck, as if life was passing me by. If you’d told me then that one day I’d be helping and healing others for a living, I’d never have believed you!

On the surface, I appeared wildly successful.

I’d built a thriving business and my designs were being sold all over the world. But deep down I was overworked, burnt-out and unhappy. My money vibes were totally out of whack, so I was working super hard for very little return.

As far back as I can remember, people told me I had no talent for maths. I believed them, and this belief became a big part of my identity. When I launched my business, this story became a defining feature of my money mindset.

As demand for my designs increased, I struggled more and more. The cost of materials grew, but I was too afraid to raise my prices. I didn’t know my worth and I felt awkward discussing money. With a crazy workload and zero balance, I came to resent my business. When the universe threw a miscarriage and multiple family bereavements into the mix, I felt as if my world was falling apart.

I was already aware of the law of attraction and I’d managed to manifest lots of beautiful things over the course of my life, but for some reason I’d failed to practice these beliefs while running my business.

One evening as I lay in bed, I realised I needed to quit feeling like a victim. I knew I had the power within me to change my life for the better, so that’s exactly what I did.

By studying people who’d transformed their financial situations, I began to heal my own relationship with money. I started letting go of things that no longer served me and rewrote old stories I’d been telling myself for years.

The more time and energy I invested in myself, the more opportunities came my way. I knew I was fully supported by the universe, and with each new leap of faith, I experienced more freedom, confidence and joy.

I no longer avoid talking about money and it flows into my life in such fun and beautiful ways. I’m obsessed with helping other women overcome the same obstacles that almost floored me, and as I guide them towards abundance and bliss, I love watching them succeed and grow.

How can I help

As a certified NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis Practitioner, I balance neuroscience with the spiritual.

I’m an empath and an intuitive soul, so I’m happiest when I’m delving deep and helping others understand exactly what they want from life.

I’m passionate about sharing the knowledge and tools you need to create wealth and abundance. Together, we’ll work on your mind, body and soul, empowering you to follow your heart and achieve the results you desire.

Things You Need to Know

I met my soulmate two days before my 21st birthday in the sculpture studio at Brighton University. We’ve been together ever since.

We share our home with two cuddly rag doll cats.

I believe life should be about stretching, growing, and experiencing as much as possible.

I love swimming in the sea, feeding the soul, and lots of laughter.

When I was 19, I flew to India and Nepal. During my trip, I climbed to Everest base camp with a group of people I’d only just met. It was intense, but wildly exciting.

I’m obsessed with Wes Anderson movies. If I was forced to pick a favourite, it would have to be The Darjeeling Limited.

I’m always drinking tea and I have an entire kitchen cupboard filled with many different types.

Although I don’t speak French, I love playing French radio when I’m at home. It’s such a beautiful language to listen to.

louise x

follow your heart

and Create the Life You Desire